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Economic impacts

Access to energy is a fundamental lever for socio-economic development.

From the direct impact of increasing productivity and income to better employment opportunities through income-generating activities, WeLight’s solutions enable major economic growth in the villages:

  • Increased income through improved productivity and new opportunities
  • New productive activities improving access to goods and services: development of industries and small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Job creation through income-generating economic activities, while encouraging and supporting local entrepreneurship
  • Enhancing the value of local resources through cold chain and use of various electrical equipment (huskers, freezers and refrigerators, cooking appliances, etc.).

Social Impact

Thanks to the productive use of energy and the satisfaction of household energy needs, access to electricity brings a significant contribution to everyday comfort and access to other basic services such as healthcare, drinking water and quality education. Day-to-day impact are visible in several :

  • Access to goods and services 
  • Improved quality of education through digital learning resources and better conditions to study
  • Women empowerment through entrepreneurial opportunities linked to income-generating activities
  • Improving healthcare conditions in health centers and promotion of food safety via cold chain
  • Increased well-being and comfort through the use of various equipment and household appliances.

Impact on communities and the environment

The electricity generated benefits the entire population by providing public lighting and powering various public infrastructures. It enables households to benefit from a wide range of services, from access to technology to improved security and a better community atmosphere:

  • Better lighting in villages thanks to street lights
  • Improved Security for households, which benefit from clean and, reliable energy for everyday lighting and cooking, as well as for their economic activities
  • Community development by opening up electrified areas, providing access to technology and improved communications
  • Strengthening community cohesion and solidarity through energy inclusion 
  • Electrification of public infrastructure: town halls, health centers, schools, police stations, etc.

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