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Operational sites 100 50%
Electrified households 20 000 150%
SMEs and small connected industries 3 500
Community buildings supplied with energy 600+
Installed street lights 1 000+

From idea to impact: our electrification journey in rural Africa since 2018

Since 2018, WeLight has been actively developing and expanding large-scale electrification projects, multiplying sites and constantly expanding its footprint in the most remote areas.


The inception of WeLight

Axian Group and Sagemcom join forces to create WeLight. Two initial sites acting as pilot projects are deployed in Madagascar, in the villages of Antanetilava and Andovoranto, located on the island’s east coast. In the light of its budding success, the project is extended to seven villages, while benefiting from ongoing technological innovation


Model validation

WeLight extends its network to 35 operational sites in 6 regions of Madagascar, demonstrating the viability and impact of the adopted model. The arrival of Norfund as a third shareholder strengthens the company’s financial capacity.


Expansion to Mali

WeLight embarks on an ambitious expansion, launching its operations with 5 pilot sites in southern Mali. The number of electrified villages passes the 40-site mark, once again confirming the effectiveness of the implemented scheme.


Consolidation and growth

WeLight reaches 10,000 households connected across 40 villages. WeLight’s ability to raise capital got increased thanks to a fundraising campaign with international financial institutions. The implementation of digitisation tools strengthens the efficiency of its operations, and programmes to develop productive uses reinforce its impact. At the same time, WeLight has started its operations in Nigeria.


Expansion and acceleration

WeLight is intensifying its expansion: +140 new sites in Madagascar planned between 2023-2024, +10 sites in Mali, and around ten pilot sites in Nigeria for 2024. With 100 operational sites at the end of 2023, the ambition is to reach 230 sites at the end of 2024, which will make WeLight a leader in the minigrid market in Africa with more than 80,000 connections.