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Innovation for rural electrification

WeLight deploys sustainable and innovative solutions that champion both economic growth and environmental sustainability. Each site supplies households and SMEs with 24/7 productive electricity. Operating under a 20-year license per village, WeLight serves 300-400 households and businesses, delivering 30 MWh annually across approximately 2.5 km of distribution lines. Offering adaptive solutions of up to 16 kW, WeLight provides ready-to-use smart meters that subscribers can easily recharge via automated mobile payments. With its scalable solar power plant, WeLight can keep pace with growing energy demand.

Our expertise

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Site identification

Identifying villages suitable for WeLight solutions is a fundamental step. This process leans on in-depth studies of energy demand, particularly through the analysis of satellite images and field surveys, and also considers the evolution of local economic activity. This meticulous selection enables WeLight to develop technical systems that are perfectly tailored to the energy needs and financial resources of each community. To date, WeLight has analysed 20,000 sites across 4 different countries.


Innovative design and operations

WeLight develops and implements innovative, sustainable energy solutions in rural areas, collaborating with recognized EPC partners. Digital tools facilitate continuous monitoring of sales and production, boasting an availability rate exceeding 99%. In every village, a regionally supervised technician assures maintenance and customer connections, ensuring effective responsiveness.

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Local customer relations

Combining proven marketing strategies with technological innovations, WeLight cultivates trust through local strategies, including door-to-door and community initiatives. Supported by mobile digital tools, the dedicated sales agent in each village is the pillar of this customer liaison. WeLight offers a wide range of meters, ranging from 100W to 16kW, to meet catering customer needs. Prepaid recharge systems facilitate a flexible choice of energy coupons. By offering adaptable solutions and maintaining tangible closeness, WeLight fulfills varied expectations, from households to local professionals.

Stimulating demand

WeLight boost consumption, especially among local entrepreneurs, by putting productive electricity at the core of economic development. With initiatives such as home appliance sales and entrepreneurial contests, WeLight supports professionals in taking crucial steps in their growth. These actions stimulate the local economy and foster community development. Additionally, WeLight provides energy to neighboring telecom towers, offering operators with a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solution.

WeLight model

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